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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Exposed SkinCare Australia – Australia’s Best Selling Acne Treatment

 Don’t Let Acne Breakouts Spoil Your Life – Help Is Here – Introducing Exposed SkinCare – The Essential Acne Treatment of 2021

exposed skincare

Exposed Skincare is one of, if not THE the best selling acne treatments in Australia and New Zealand.

Originating from the USA, it is one of those very few products that actually does what it claims..

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About Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment

Exposed Skincare is a rare product indeed.

Instead of following the lead of many skin care companies that rely just on chemical based cleansers, the makers have blended the best that science can offer with effective naturally sourced skin calming ingredients

The end product is a powerful, effective, yet gentle acne treatment that will effectively clear the majority of acne flareups in just 30 days.

What is more the makers back this up with a cash back guarantee – success or your money back, that’s their pledge… whats more you have a year to claim your refund..

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Benefits Of Exposed Skin Care

  • Clears Acne Outbreaks
  • Smooths And Tones Skin
  • Reduces Redness And Acne Scarring
  • Stops Repeated Outbreaks

How To Use Exposed Skincare

Exposed Skincare have realeased this official video, its well worth a watch:

Exposed Skincare is suitable for all types of skin and for all ages.

The formula is a special blend of natural ingredients and scientifically approved chemical compounds.

The ingredient List is Impressive:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Azelaic Acid
  • AHA and BHA Complex
  • Tea Tree
  • Olive Leaf
  • Green Tea
  • Jojoba
  • Liquorice

These all combine to gently deep cleanse the skin, unblocking the pores, killing the bacteria that causes acne flareups.

It helps to re-balance excess sebum levels reducing redness and irritation.

exposed skincare

The Experts Agree

Exposed has attracted many positive reviews.

Both consumers and professional dermatologists all praise Exposed Skincare for its gentle, yet effective results.

Many professional doctors use the product in their skincare clinics.

The makers offer what is without doubt the best guarantee of any comparable product.

They guarantee that Exposed Skincare will clear your acne within 30 days or your money back – What is more is that they give you a full year to return and claim your refund.

Our General Thought Is That Exposed Skin Care really works, our research leads us to confidently and highly recommend Exposed Skincare for all types of Acne.

Not Sure? Read Patricia’s story – a genuine personal account of her battle with acne and how Exposed Skincare finally helped her – Read It Here

Where To Buy Exposed Skin Care In Australia And New Zealand

The manufacturers sell the full range of Exposed Skincare products from the official website.

Ordering is simple and secure, with orders being shipped across Australia quickly and discreetly.

All the products in the Exposed Skincare range can be bought seperately, prices start at exposed skincare$13.99.

For best results however and for maximum value for money it is recommended that you look at the Exposed Acne Care kits.

These contain a mix of products to powerfully clear your acne, with massive savings.

The best selling kit is the 60 day expanded kit, for $59.99 buyers receive a 60 day supply of:

  • Exposed Facial Cleanser
  • Skin Tonic
  • Acne Treatment Serum
  • Clearpore Serum
  • Moisture Complex
  • Buyers also get a free Derm-x face cloth and clarifying mask

This represents a saving of over $35 when compared to buying the products seperately.

Why Should Acne Spoil Your Life – Get Clear Skin In Just 30 Days – Or Your Money Back!

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The Individual Items In The Exposed Acne Care Range

Exposed Skincare comprises 9 products that all work together in complete synergy to provide a gentle, yet powerful and effective acne treatment that will (in most cases) reduce and clear your acne breakouts in 30 days.

(If it doesn’t you can claim your money back)

We have discussed the various kits that do offer some great savings.

If you wanted to pick and chose the products that you prefer to use, you will be pleased to know that they are all available to buy separately .

Here is a more in-depth  look at the various products in the range:

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser

exposed facial cleanser

Effectively treating acne isn’t an overnight thing – it requires time, patience and a skincare regime that must be stuck too each and every day.

But the results are more than worth it.

The first part of any acne treatment program is ensuring that dirt and oil is completely removed from the skin each and every day.

Only then do you have the base for a skincare regime that works.

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser claims to gently clear the skin’s pores, removing bacteria and preventing acne breakouts.

What’s more, thanks to a formula based on natural ingredients, this hypoallergenic and soap free product is suitable for people who suffer from sensitive skin.

Also as a non-comedogenic, it won’t block the pores or cause inflammation or blackheads.

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s find out…

What’s in Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser’s Formula?

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser’s formula is fully disclosed by the manufacturer.

They claim that a unique blend of scientifically-proven acne treatment ingredients and powerful natural extracts helps clear up the skin within 30 days.

Here’s what it contains:

Purified water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium olefin sulfonate, propylene glycol, capric/caprylic triglycerides, peg 150 pentaerythrityl tetrastrearate, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, pro-vitamin B5, disodium edta, polyquaternium-7, sage extract, citrus medica limonum extract, citric acid.

Directions for Use

Use the cleanser to wash your face every morning and evening for best results.

Splash your face with warm water and work two pumps of the cleanser into a lather before washing affected areas for 10 seconds.

Wash and pat the skin dry.

Users Feedback

This is another incredibly popular product by Exposed Skincare.

It has transformed the condition of the skin for armies of users, clearing up persistent breakouts, improving skin tone and improving the frequency and severity of breakouts.

Many people also enjoy the clean, fresh feeling this product leaves the skin with.

Other common plus points cited by happy users include the fact that it doesn’t leave the skin dry (or oily for that matter).

It’s great for sensitive skin, and has a pleasant scent

There’s always some negative feedback, and this product is no different.

A handful of people claim to have seen no results when using this cleanser, and others have experienced breakouts after using the product.

If you study the problem in depth, you will know is a common sign that the product is working).

A couple of testimonials cite red, irritated skin as a side effect of using this product, and some dryness is mentioned too.

But don’t be too alarmed – these few negative claims are truly overshadowed by the mountains of positive feedback out there.

Where to buy Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser 

This facial cleanser is available to order directly from the manufacturer at, where it costs $15.95 for a 4oz bottle.

It also makes up an integral part of their range of acne care kits that offer fantastic value –

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

All individual products and the skincare kits in this range are backed by an impressive one year cash back guarantee.

They guarantee that your acne will be noticeably reduced, even gone in just 30 days.

Whats more you have up to a year to return any unused product for a full refund if dissatisfied with the results.


Exposed Skincare Body Wash

Banishing Body Acne Breakouts

exposed body wash

While there is stacks of information out there about treating facial acne.

How to deal with breakouts on other parts of the body ( such as the back) remains more of an enigma – despite being a problem that many people suffer from.

Acne on any part of the body can have a huge effect of self confidence and how we see ourselves.

So it’s little surprise that there’s a sea of products out there looking to cash in on our insecurities.

Exposed Skincare is a popular choice for acne sufferers, but how does its body wash stack up when it comes to treating acne on different parts of the body?

By gently washing away impurities in the skin, Exposed Skincare Body Wash promises to leave the skin clearer and cleaner than ever before.

Let’s see what the verdict is.

What’s in Exposed Skincare Body Wash’s Formula?

There’s nothing to hide here – Exposed Skincare fully discloses the formula in this and all other products.

Exposed Skincare Body Wash uses the active ingredient salicylic acid, and doesn’t use any hard detergents which can leave the skin red, inflamed and sore.

Here’s the full lowdown:

Water, sodium c18 olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropyl betaine, acrylate copolymer, propylene glycol, triethanol- amine, ferric ammonium ferrocyanide, oxidized polyethylene, glycolic acid, phenoxyethanol, isopropyl palmitate, hamamelis witch hazel extract, tea tree leaf oil, peppermint oil.

Directions for Use

Use daily when showering or bathing, massaging over wet skin and paying particular attention to areas where you suffer from breakouts.

Pat dry skin after bathing..

Users Feedback

Good news – there are rave reviews on this product left, right and centre.

Legions of fans claim that using this body wash has helped them clear up even the most persistent breakouts with regular use, leaving people feeling happy and confident about their skin.

It’s a must-have for sensitive skin sufferers too thanks to its use of natural ingredients.

It doesn’t leave people with any redness, irritation or dry skin.

When acne does reappear, it tends to be in much smaller batches and without larger pimples and spots.

It’s not all positive though – a small number of people have experienced just mediocre results when using Exposed Skincare’s Body Wash, and a few claim that it doesn’t work at all.

Some have claimed to experience large breakouts after using this product (however if you know anything about acne treatments, this is quite common and is actually a sign that the product is working –

The impurities and toxins are being forced to the surface of the skin.

It’s important to point out, however, that these sentiments are vastly outweighed by people who are really happy with the product.

Where to buy Exposed Skincare Body Wash

Heading directly to the manufacturer at seems to be the best way to pick up this product, which costs $25.95 for a 12oz bottle.

The body wash is also found in many of their extensive acne care kits that provide terrific value…


 Exposed Skincare Clearing Tonic

 Banish The Bacteria And Say Hello To Clear Skin

exposed clearing tonic

While acne can be a complex and frustrating issue to treat, the most common cause behind his annoying problem is fairly simple.

Acne is caused when the skin’s pores become blocked by sebum oil and dead skin cells.

This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which manifests itself in breakouts.

So when it comes to treating acne, getting rid of dead skin cells and unblocking pores is the best place to start. 

Clearing Tonic by Exposed Skincare claims to be the perfect tool to do this.

It uses salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin and stopping pores from getting blocked.

The result? Clear, radiant skin.

The manufacturer offers reliable results within a mere matter of weeks.

But does the product deliver in reality? We take a look in more detail…

What’s in Exposed Skincare Clearing Tonic’s Formula?

Exposed Skincare uses scientific, acne-targeting ingredients, combined with a host of natural ingredients across its range.

Clearing Tonic uses the active ingredient salicylic acid, along with the following:

Purified water, glycolic acid, propylene glycol, witch hazel, dimethylethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide, green tea extract, passion flower extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, sage leaf extract, fragrance oils.

Directions for Use

Simply apply the tonic to your face, after cleansing, once a day to achieve and maintain clear skin.

Users Feedback

User reviews concerning this product are generally strong.

It has helped people clear their skin quickly and effectively and is an excellent product for cleaning the skin and getting rid of blackheads and pimples. 

In fact, many people maintain that this product is the best of the best, with transformational results.

Lots of users are happy that the product works well with oily skin, is easy to use and leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and squeaky clean.

Not everyone has experienced strong results, however – some people claim that while other products in the range have seen great results.

This product isn’t at all effective and can even be skipped all together…. It will suit some but not all users

Where to buy Exposed Skincare Clearing Tonic

Heading straight to the manufacturer is your best bet for this one,

You can find Exposed Skincare’s Clearing Tonic at, where it costs just $19.95.

Available separately it is also found in some of their amazing acne care kits that offer fantastic value.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Exposed Skincare does offer an extensive one-year refund policy across its range…

They state that if your acne is not noticeably reduced after just 30 days of use you can return any unused product for a full refund –

You have up to a year to do this..


Exposed Skincare Clear Pore Serum: an overnight miracle?

exposed clear pore

Do you dread waking up to a new bout of acne each morning?

That’s the worst thing about acne – it can strike at anytime, anywhere, and can leave us feeling unconfident and pretty miserable.

Ready for the good news? Exposed Skin claims to have the answer.

Its Clear Pore Serum is a lightweight gel that penetrates the pores overnight to combat pimples and blackheads.

It simultaneously repairing damaged skin and leaving it with a revitalised, youthful look.

And how exactly does it do this?

The manufacturer claims that a proprietary blend of powerful natural ingredients including licorice oil green tea (which combats acne-producing bacteria) will leave you with fresh, acne-free skin.

But does the reality meet the manufacturer’s confident claims?

What’s in Exposed Skincare Clear Pore Serum’s Formula?

The Open Pore Serum is one of the best acne treatment solutions to hit the market.

When you use the Exposed Open Pore Serum, you can treat pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and inflammation overnight!

The Clear Pore Serum solution contains the following:

Salicylic acid, purified water, witchhazel, glycerin, propylene glycol, peg 120 methyl glucose dioleate, polyquaternium-37, hydrogenated polydecene, tricedeth-6, meadowsweet extract, licorice root extract, basil oil, green tea leaf extract, dl panthenol, phenoxyethanol.

Directions for Use

Apply the Clear Pore Serum overnight to areas affected by acne for best results.

Users Feedback

There are hordes of positive testimonials out there from people who have tried the product and are thrilled with the results.

People report serious improvements in acne and the texture and appearance of the skin when regularly using this serum.

Many cite a general improvement in skin health. 

Other commonly stated advantages are that this product is non-greasy, absorbs easily into the skin, has a cooling effect and is super-convenient to use.

It’s also suitable for people suffering from sensitive skin. In short – people love this product.

There are a few gripes here, though – some people stay that the serum is a little sticky and that it can’t be used with the Acne Treatment Serum as advertised as it slides off.

A very small number of reviews claim that this product doesn’t make a difference to the appearance of acne at all, but it has to be said that these comments are decidedly rare..

Where To Buy Exposed Skincare Clear Pore Serum

You’ve got two choices – either head to the manufacture’s website at, where you can snap up this serum for $19.95, or head to

( We do suggest that you buy from the official site so you get the protection of the cash back guarantee..)


Exposed Skincare Clarifying Mask

 Acne: Getting to the root of the problem with Exposed Skincare

exposed clarifying mask

Religious cleansing and moisturising is all well and good when ensuring an effective skincare treatment to keep the dreaded acne at bay.

But what about more powerful occasional treatments that deal with the route cause?

Exposed Skincare’s Clarifying Mask claims to be just this, going deep into the skin and drawing out the impurities and excess oil trapped beneath the skin cells that cause frustrating pimples and blackheads.

When used once or twice a week, this treatment promises healthy, youthful and revitalised skin within a mere matter of weeks.

But the question remains – what do people who have tried and tested the product actually think?

What’s in Exposed Skincare Clarifying Mask’s formula?

This mask contains sulfur and resorcinol to kill the bacteria that causes acne, active charcoal to absorb excess oil in the skin (another key contributor to acne) and bentonite to remove toxins and impurities from the skin.

Its formula also includes the following:

Camphor, chloroxylenol, glycerin, magnesium aluminum silicate, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, propanediol, propylene glycol, sodium cocoyl isethionate, stearic acid, water, zinc oxide.

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Directions for Use

You should use this product as a spot treatment for stubborn acne when required, and once or twice a week as a full mask to treat acne and blackheads in the long-term.

Users Feedback

There’s a whole catalogue of positive feedback around this product.

The vast majority of people think it’s great, and have experienced improved skin condition and complexion, dramatic reductions in pimples, blackheads and acne.

The plus points we keep seeing include a smoother texture to the skin, less oiliness and fresh and revitalised-feeling skin.

A lot of people with sensitive skin are avid users of this mask too, as it doesn’t leave the skin dry, red and irritated.

In fact, many people claim that this product has completely transformed their skin and confidence levels.

As expected, there’s a small handful of negative feedback, too.

Some people have experienced breakouts after using this mask, and others haven’t experienced a great difference in skin condition when using this mask.

It’s worth pointing out, however that these sentiments are very much in the minority, and this product is hugely popular.

Where To Buy Exposed Skincare Clarifying Mask

Exposed Skincare’s full range is available to buy directly from the manufacturer at, where it costs $25.95.

The Clarifying Mask is also an integral part of their comprehensive range of acne care kits that offer fantastic value and effective treatment to all types of acne.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Exposed Skincare Products are covered by a one-year money back satisfaction guarantee.

If your acne has not beed dramatically reduced within 30 days of use, you can return for a full refund – you have up to a year to do this.


Exposed Skincare Moisture Complex

 Busting The Moisturizer Myth

exposed moisture complex

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin and treating acne, a consistent skin cleansing regime is the essential first step.

But many people overlook the importance of moisturising the skin when treating from acne.

There is a common misconception that people with oily skin (a key cause of acne) need not moisturise as it will only make the skin greasy. 

This is completely untrue – in fact, moisturising helps keeps the oil levels in the skin under control and can even reduce them.

So there you have it – Moisturising the skin is a must if you tend to suffer from breakouts.

Let’s take a look at Moisture Complex by Exposed Skincare, a range of products specifically geared towards long-term prevention of acne.

It claims to keep the skin balanced, leaving you with a clean, fresh and healthy complexion. Let’s put it to the test…

How Does Exposed Skincare Moisture Complex Work?

This oil-free gel uses natural extracts and caffeine to lock in moisture to rebalance the skin, encourage skin renewal and reduce inflammation.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Purified water, cyclopentasiloxane and peg/ppg-18/18 dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol/vinyl dimethicone cross polymer, cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol, propylene glycol, cyclopentasiloxane, phenyltrimethicone, c30-c45 alkyl methicone, acrylamide copolymer, oleth-10, optiphen, pumpkin seed, vitamin e, green tea leaf extract, disodium edta, polysorbate 85, caffeine, sucrose, citrus medica limonum extract.

Directions for Use

Simply apply to the face, after cleaning the skin, and allow to absorb as with other moisturizers.

Don’t rub into the skin as this can cause irritation – simply let it absorb itself.

Users Feedback

There are a lot of Exposed Skincare fans out there, and this is true for its Moisture Complex, too.

People claim to have seen dramatic results in short periods of time when using this product, with skin that looks refreshed, smooth and clear.

A major selling point that keeps cropping up is that the moisturiser doesn’t make the skin oily.

It helps even out skin tone and banish redness and is lightweight and grease and shine free.

Like many similar products in the Exposed Skincare range, there’s lots of positivity around the fact that this product is suitable for sensitive skin and that you only need to use a small amount.

There’s a small amount of negative feedback out there concerning this product.

But not enough to raise any serious concern in the face of such overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Breakouts have been reported by a handful of people after using this product, whereas others point out that it makes it more difficult to put make up on.

A couple of people who suffers from dry skin say it doesn’t quite moisturise the skin enough for those that have drier skin to begin with.

Where To Buy Exposed Skincare Moisture Complex

You can order this product directly from, and it can also be found at Price wise, you’re looking at $25.95 for a 1.7oz tube. –

We do suggest buying direct to make sure you are covered by the makers lengthy cash back guarantee.


Exposed Skincare Probiotic Complex

The Probiotic Offensive: The Key To Fighting Acne From The Inside Out

exposed skincare probiotic

Fighting acne demands dedication and commitment to the cause.

But anyone who has successfully won the battle against acne will tell you it sure is worth it when you wake up breakout free day after day.

While a rigorous cleansing and moisturising regime is essential to ensuring skin stays balanced and glowing, however, sometimes a little extra boost is needed along the way.

A great example is skincare supplements.

Take Exposed Skincare’s Probiotic Complex – this adds a new, powerful layer to the fight against acne. 

These oral capsules use a unique blend of acne-fighting ingredients to fight redness, inflammation, blackheads and spots, and promise to help you wave goodbye to even the most stubborn cases of acne.

Is Exposed Skincare Probiotic Complex the missing weapon in the war against acne? We find out.

What’s in Exposed Skincare Probiotic Complex’s formula?

This supplement contains a combination of powerful natural ingredients to support the immune system to combat acne.

It works to rebalance the skin from the inside. Here’s what you’ll find in each capsule:

  • Vitamin A (5000i.u)
  • Vitamin E (45i.u)
  • Zinc (15mg)
  • Copper (1mg)
  • Chromium (200mcg)
  • Selenium (200mcg)
  • Lactospore (66mg)
  • Milk thistle seed extract (210mg)
  • Fructooligosaccharidet (50mg)
  • Walnut, lack hull 4:1 extract (25mg)

Directions for Use

Take two capsules per day

Users Feedback

While the majority of feedback from people who have tried this product is positive.

The Probiotic Complex has more of a mixed bag of feedback than other products in the range. 

On the positive side, using this product has helped many people transform their skin, which has become smoother and acne free.

Something mentioned by many users is while this product has a great effect on the skin.

It also contributes to a wider feeling of wellbeing and beauty thanks to its balance of vitamins and minerals.

This includes stronger and faster growing nails and improved hair condition.

The idea that the product nourishes the body ‘from the inside out’ is common too, and people are particularly pleased with the all-natural formula.

It’s also worth pointing out that many people cite great results when using this product in isolation, rather than alongside other products in the range.

On the negative side, a small number of people claim to have seen no improvements in skin appearance and condition when using this product so it might not suit all users…

Where to buy Exposed Skincare Body Probiotic Complex 

All Exposed Skincare products are available to purchase exclusively at the manufacturer’s website, 

The probiotic complex costs $34.95 for 60 capsules, and can also be found at


Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum

 Banish bacteria and say hello to clear skin

acne treatment serum

A key cause of acne is when bacteria becomes trapped under the skin, where it can’t be reached by even the most stubborn everyday cleanser. 

This creates the ideal breeding ground for blackheads, pimples and spots. This can of course leave you feeling unconfident, unattractive and, at its worst, just plain miserable.

This is why effective cleansing sits at the cornerstone of every good skincare routine, and why you need to be sure to pick skincare products that do the job of reaching even the most elusive bacteria. 

Exposed Skincare’s Acne Treatment Serum claims to fight bacteria lodged deep inside the pores, clearing the skin of dirt and preventing unwanted breakouts.

Part of an extensive acne treatment range, this serum certainly talks the talk, promising to transform the skin’s appearance and condition.

But does it walk the walk?

What’s in Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum’s formula?

Exposed Skincare boasts natural formulas across its products to fight acne without putting the skin in the hands of manmade chemicals.

This means that the formula for each product is fully disclosed online.

Here’s what you’ll find in the serum:

Benzoyl peroxide, purified water, alkyl benzoate, capylic/capric triglycerides, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, alcohol, benzalkoniun chloride, azelaic acid, green tea leaf extract, gotu kola extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, tea tree oil, xanthan gum, imidazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propylparaben, isopropyl palmitate, silatex d-30.

Directions for Use

Use twice daily, once upon waking and again before going to bed.

Spread the serum gently over the face, without vigorous rubbing, and leave for up to 15 minutes as it dries into the skin.

Users Feedback

Lots of happy customers here.

This serum has glowing reports from scores of users who claim that it’s a stand out product in the Exposed Skincare range.

Quick improvements in skin texture and appearance are reported, while bouts of acne have been all but wiped out with regular use.

Reduced appearance of pores is also mentioned, as are improvements in skin discolouration.

Most people are happy that the serum doesn’t dry out the skin, is non greasy and is extremely effective at quickly and effectively treating unpleasant spots.

There are a few negative points though too – contrary to general sentiment, some users say this serum does make the skin dry and flaky and as a result should be used sparingly. 

Others claim that this serum can leave skin tender and irritated, (possible down to the alcohol in the product.)

A small number say they experienced no improvement in skin condition as a result of using this product.

Where to buy Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum

You’ve got two options here – either head straight to the manufacturer at, where you can pick up this serum for $19.95, or go to**.

Acne Treatment Serum can also be found in Exposed’s range of Acne Care Kits..

These combination packages put several proven products together in one acne treatment kit, they offer terrific value – far cheaper than buying individual products from the range – 

**We do suggest buying directly from the manufacturer as orders placed with them qualify for their impressive 1 year cash back guarantee

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Exposed Skincare offer a years cash back guarantee…

All they ask is that you try their products for 30 consecutive days.. if your acne has not dramatically reduced, they will give you your money back….

Whats more you have up to a year to try the products and return if required.


Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth

Supercharge Your Cleansing Regime

exposed derm-x wash cloth

When is a wash cloth not a wash cloth?

When it’s a Derm-X acne fighting washcloth, according to acne gurus Exposed Skincare.

Made with microdermabrasion material, these washcloths target stubborn acne during cleansing with scientifically formulated fibres that exfoliate the skin’s dead cells and stimulate the generation of new skin cells. 

Used during the daily cleansing regime for the face and body.

This cloth claims to be a powerful tool in the fight against unwanted blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, leaving skin clear, bright and radiant.

While regular, thorough cleansing and moisturising is the cornerstone of any effective skincare regime, sometimes a little extra goes a long way – enter the Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth.

But is a wash cloth really capable of fighting off acne? Let’s find out.

Directions for Use

This one’s pretty simple – use twice daily when washing the face and body with your chosen cleanser.

Move gently in a circular motion around the skin with soap and water to create a lather.

Users Feedback

So can a wash cloth really transform the skin’s appearance?

It doesn’t take much searching to find the reams of positive reviews out there from people who have tried Exposed Skincare’s products.

While we can’t find any detailed testimonials from people explicitly concerning the Derm-X Cloth, feedback around the skincare kits (which incorporate the cloths) are very positive indeed. 

People claim that these kits have seen transformative results on the appearance and condition of their skin, leaving them acne free  – for good.

Where To Buy Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth

The face and body Derm-X Cloths and a range of other skincare solutions can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website at the Exposed skincare official website.

The face cloth costs $9.95 and the body wash $12.95. 

The cloth is also an integral part of many of Exposed’s premium acne care kits..

Why Should Acne Spoil Your Life – Get Clear Skin In Just 30 Days – Or Your Money Back!

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The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.