How To Significantly Reduce Acne Scarring 

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2019)

How To Significantly Reduce Acne Scarring 

Acne Scarring Or Just A Mark?

Before we start on the topic of acne scarring reduction, it’s important that we actually define what acne scarring is. The red, purple or brown marks that appear after a breakout are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (aka PIH).

When you decide to squeeze a pimple, you’re essentially opening up your skin, so when it heals (closing itself back up) the colour, texture or tone will be different from the rest of your skin, those broken blood vessels can leave a mark.

Bear in mind that those with richer skin tones are more prone to PIH whether or not they decide to pinch a spot (and it takes a little longer to fade, usually at least four months, but this depends on the individual, their genetics and lifestyle habits.

So What Is Acne Scarring?

Acne scarring is permanent indents that appear when the collagen in your skin has been damaged.

Think of an acne lesion as a wound, once the skin has been damaged, your body responds by overproducing or not producing enough tissue.

As a result, scarring can range in appearance and texture from thick and raised, keloid (scars that have over healed and look and feel rubbery) or atrophic scars (a result of too little tissue), which are the most common when it comes to acne scarring.

They come in the following categories

Ice pick: Jagged edges, narrow and around 2mm or less deep

Boxcar: Rectangular edges, deep and quite defined

Rolling scars: Broad, rounded edges, often referred to as ‘orange peel’

Top 6 Tips

Use Sunscreen

UVA and UVB rays can supercharge the cells in your skin that produce pigment, making your scars and marks to darken.

Look for face moisturisers with an SPF of at least 15 that are non comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) note that some sunscreen products have a tendency to leave a white cast, so be wary!

Get Some Vitamin C In Your Skincare Regimen

Vitamin C helps to brighten skin, build collagen and promote healing. Invest in a high quality serum with pure L-ascorbic acid that will absorb into your skin and keep working even after it dries.

Use A Derma Roller Once A Week

A derma roller is an instrument with tiny needles attached to it, ranging from 0.5 to 1mm (for the face), by rolling it over scarred tissue, mini punctures are created on the skin’s top layer.

Your body will attempt to heal these wounds, resulting in renewed skin cells and skin repair. It also helps with collagen production.  After derma rolling, gently pat a few drops of vitamin c serum all over your face.

Apply Some Retin-A Before Bed

Retin- A is a vitamin A derivative that helps to loosen and slough off dead skin cells meaning that fresh, new skin cells can come to the surface. It makes your skin super sensitive to the sun – another reason to wear SPF!

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel will help with improving your skin’s appearance as well as texture. For example, glycolic acid helps to speed up the exfoliation process, improving skin appearance and tone.

Whilst you can opt for an at-home peel, working alongside a dermatologist who can cater the treatment towards your skin type and skin goals, and can increase the concentration accordingly over time for the best results.

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