Top Causes of Adult Acne & How to Prevent It

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2019)

Top Causes of Adult Acne & How to Prevent It

4 Ways To Reduce Those Breakouts

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(1) Digestive Problems

There are two types of bacteria in your digestive system – the good and the bad and they’re both needed to digest food and create vitamins.

However, long term antibiotic consumption, stress, sleep deprivation, processed foods and a lack of probiotics can mean that the harmful bacteria takes over, disrupting digestion and producing toxins.

Your gut wall keeps toxins out, but when the harmful bacteria create substances that attack the gut wall, cracks appear (known as a leaky gut). Bacteria, viruses, fungi, indigested food and toxins can all seep into your body and wreak havoc.

This can cause food allergies (the immune system sees food that hasn’t been completely digested as an invader and ‘attacks’ it), inflammation and nutrition problems (aka the ingredients for acne!).

What Can I Do?

Introduce more probiotics into your diet, like yoghurt, kefir (milk and yoghurt), naturally fermented pickles and sourdough bread.

They all have live cultures (healthy bacteria) to help support a strong immune system. 80% of your immune system is actually located in your digestive tract, so a healthy gut means happy skin.

(2) You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

People with acne have a tendency to have higher inflammation levels than those with healthy skin. This can also causes gut problems, especially if we look at candida.

Candida is yeast that lives in the skin and digestive tract, when you have too much sugar in your diet, it can grow out of control and cause problems in your gut, as well as inflammation.

Excessive sugar consumption also increases blood sugar levels, which leads to insulin production, meaning oil production, blocked pores and acne.

Anything Else?

Cut out processed sugar! No cookies, sweets, soft drinks or pastries. Opt for natural sugars in fruits like strawberries and blueberries.

Also, play close attention to the Glycaemic Index (GI) of foods.

The GI looks at how quickly a food increase blood sugar levels; choose wholegrain carbs over white bread or pasta, which have a lower GI number. Exercise (a mixture of cardio and strength training) to help with insulin sensitivity.

(3) You Have Imbalanced Hormones

Excess androgens (the male sex hormone) cause increased oil production, and feeds on the bacteria on the skin to form acne.

PCOS is another condition in which women have an imbalance of hormones, usually associated with low levels of estrogen and progesterone, but high levels of androgens.

Come On – Please Help!

Lower your androgen levels by taking the vitex herb (in liquid form, follow the advised dosage, start on the 14th day of your cycle and stop on the first day of your period) or saw palmetto (320mg a day).

Avoid dairy, as an animal product, it has a sea of its own hormones that can be problematic for some when mixed with your own.

Eat a balanced diet and limit the consumption of processed foods, up your fibre and fatty fish intake and drink plenty of water.


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