Foods That Make You Look Younger

The Watercress Diet

 Can Natural Foodstuffs Make You Look Younger

Media reports have been telling us of a recent study into the effects that certain foodstuffs have on our skin and our appearance.

The most recent one involved one of life’s most simplest foods – WatercressWatercress-001

The study involved just 11 women aged between 23 and 58 years old, over a four week period they simply added a bag of watercress to their daily diet.

Before they started, they were examined and photographed using a Visia compexion analysis system that records skin texture, its condition, the presence of UV and other dark spots, along with inflammation, elasticity and the presence of skin bacteria (AKA porphyrins).

The brief was for the women to eat at last 80gms of watercress each day, they could incorporate it into their diet in any way they liked; the only rule was that it had to be uncooked.

After the 4 week period, the tests were repeated, the results were staggering, 10 out of the 11 reported improvements in their skin, one woman actually reduced her wrinkles by 39%.

Watercress provides 4 times more Vitamin A and Beta Carotene than found in tomatoes, broccoli and apples, it also is packed with vitamin C.

The Full Test Results –

  •    10 out of 11 volunteers saw a positive improvement in their skin
  •    7 out of 11 saw an improvement in their wrinkles
  •    8 out of 11 saw an improvement in the texture of their skin
  •    9 out of 11 saw an improvement in their pores
  •    5 out of 11 saw an improvement in their red areas
  •    8 out of 11 saw an improvement in the levels of porphyrins
  •    5 out of 11 saw an improvement in their brown spots
  •    3 out of 11 saw an improvement in their UV spots

Watercress is one of the oldest recorded food stuffs, with mentions in records dating back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Natural Anti Ageing Products

With all the publicised problems with injected Botox treatments, the development and use of natural based botox alternatives has increased in popularity quite dramatically in recent years.

Many plant and food based substances have been found to have skin smoothing properties,dermal-product that will in many cases, recreate the effects of injected Botox without the risks, or cost.

Many of these have been incorporated into natural wrinkle killing serums.

One fine example is Dermal Meds, using a blend of proven natural ingredients it will smoothe away fine lines, and plump aged skin without the risk or expense of injected toxins

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