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L’oreal  YSL Forever Youth Creams With Glycans


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L’oreal have announced that they have discovered the secret of younger looking skin, their latest range of products contain Glycans, something that the majorityof us haven’t even heard of until now..YSL-Forever-Youth-Liberator1

Glycans (according to L’oreal) combat the visible signs of ageing, after what has been considered ground breaking research into the causes of ageing, the results have revealed a direct link between complex sugars in our body (called Glycans) and the visible appearance of ageing.

What Are Glycans

Glycans are poly saccharides, they aid the communication between our body’s cells, in particular the communication between the layers of our skin – the Dermis (outer layer) and the Epidermis (under layers). These Glycans carry instructions to manufacture increased amounts of collagen which smoothes and softens the skin maintaining its suppleness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

L’Oreal claim that their new range of Forever Youth Liberator Creams can rejuvenate the production of Glycans, switching on the communication between skin layers and boosting production of collagen

L’Oreal tell us that their tests prove their claims, photographs detailed on the BBC in the UK showing women before and after do show drastic reduction in wrinkles and lines.

L’Oreal Have set into place further studies to reinforce their claims, but are confident that these new creams set future guidelines and benchmarks for products in the future

How Does L’Oreal YSL Forever Youth Liberator Creams Work

  • Glycans aid the communication between skin cells sending a message to produce collagen which makes the skin supple and smooth.
  • As we age, glycans stop working as efficiently so the message to produce collagen isn’t sent.
  • ‘L’Oreal claim they can stimulate ageing glycans, restoring the communication. As a result more collagen will be made, which will boost the elasticity of skin, pushing out wrinkles.

Where To Buy Forever Youth Liberator Creams

The new range – Called YSL  Forever Youth Liberator Cream is available online by worldwide mail order from Debenhams.

Prices range from $54 to $130.00 there may be small shipping charge in addition depending on destination.

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