The History Of Skin Lightening

The History Of Skin lightening

With stacks of celebs jumping on the bandwagon, you might be tempted to think that skin lightening is a fairly recent phenomenon. But you’d be wrong – turns out this practice has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

The first recorded instances of skin lightening were in ancient China and Japan, where lighter skin was closely linked with wealth and beauty.

It was largely believed at the time that paler skin was indicative of privilege, while dark skin was linked to poverty, a need to work outside in the sun and therefore darker skin caused by sun exposure.

Skin whitening became a widespread practice during western colonialism, where white skin tones were seen as a superior feature.

Under British rule creating a racial hierarchy was an important facet of gaining control over colonies, and focus on skin colour was a key aspect of that.

This has largely continued to permeate popular culture since as this legacy continues – skin whitening remains a common part of cultures in Africa, India, Asia and more. Let’s take a closer look at how you can achieve this.

Different Methods Of Skin Lightening

There are a range of varying methods to achieve whiter skin. Chemical peels, skin lightening creams and laser treatments are all common answers, while many people like to try natural, DIY ways to restore the skin’s natural vitality.

Chemical peels help improve the skin’s appearance and tone by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new ones.

While skin lightening treatments take many of the natural extracts harnessed in DIY options like oranges and honey in greater concentrations to work their magic.

The Risks Of Skin Lightening

While there are plenty of options out there when it comes to achieving light, bright skin, take heed –some are fraught with danger.

As well as dodgy methods, there are also some ingredients you’ll often find in common skin lightening products that are major no-nos.

Take skin whitening creams, for example. Many of these have been found to contain high amounts of the toxic metal mercury.

With symptoms of mercury toxicity including headaches, memory loss, irritability, insomnia, depression, tingling in the hands and feet and stacks more, it’s little surprise that you want to avoid this one.

Techniques like laser whitening, meanwhile, are more invasive and uncomfortable, and can cause side effects including tightness, scarring, burning, itching, changes in the skin texture and infection.

Skin Lightening The Safe Way

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But don’t give up just yet – there are plenty of safe alternatives available.

A great example is Zetawhite, a skincare bundle that uses natural extracts, anti-inflammatories and enzymes that work carefully and gently with your skin to leave your face light, bright and revitalised.

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