Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser Review

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser Review

 Show Acne Who’s Boss With Exposed Skincare

Effectively treating acne isn’t an overnight thing – it requires time, patience and a skincare regime that must be stuck too each and every day. But the results are more than worth it.Exposed-Skincare-Facial-CleanserThe first part of any acne treatment program is ensuring that dirt and oil is completely removed from the skin each and every day. Only then do you have the base for a skincare regime that works.

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser claims to gently clear the skin’s pores, removing bacteria and preventing acne breakouts. What’s more, thanks to a formula based on natural ingredients, this hypoallergenic and soap free product is suitable for people who suffer from sensitive skin. Oh, and as a non-comedogenic, it won’t block the pores or cause inflammation or blackheads. Sound too good to be true? Let’s find out…

What’s in Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser’s formula?

Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser’s formula is fully disclosed by the manufacturer. They claim that a unique blend of scientifically-proven acne treatment ingredients and powerful natural extracts helps clear up the skin within 30 days.

Here’s what it contains:

Purified water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium olefin sulfonate, propylene glycol, capric/caprylic triglycerides, peg 150 pentaerythrityl tetrastrearate, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, pro-vitamin B5, disodium edta, polyquaternium-7, sage extract, citrus medica limonum extract, citric acid.

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Directions for Use

Use the cleanser to wash your face every morning and evening for best results. Splash your face with warm water and work two pumps of the cleanser into a lather before washing affected areas for 10 seconds.

Wash and pat the skin dry.

User Feedback

This is another incredibly popular product by Exposed Skincare. It has transformed the condition of the skin for armies of users, clearing up persistent breakouts, improving skin tone and improving the frequency and severity of breakouts.

Many people also enjoy the clean, fresh feeling this product leaves the skin with.

Other common plus points cited by happy users include the fact that it doesn’t leave the skin dry (or oily for that matter). It’s great for sensitive skin, and has a pleasant scent

There’s always some negative feedback, and this product is no different. A handful of people claim to have seen no results when using this cleanser, and others have experienced breakouts after using the product (which if you study the problem in depth, you will know is a common sign that the product is working).

A couple of testimonials cite red, irritated skin as a side effect of using this product, and some dryness is mentioned too.

But don’t be too alarmed – these few negative claims are truly overshadowed by the mountains of positive feedback out there.

Where to buy Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser 

This facial cleanser is available to order directly from the manufacturer at, where it costs $15.95 for a 4oz bottle.

It also makes up an integral part of their range of acne care kits that offer fantastic value –

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

All skincare kits in this range are backed by an impressive one year cash back guarantee.

They guarantee that your acne will be noticeably reduced, even gone in just 30 days… and whats more you have up to a year to return any unused product for a full refund if dissatisfied with the results.

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