Celebrity Skin Lightening

Celebrity Skin Lightening

The lure of healthy, revitalised, clear and bright skin is strong for many of us, seeing us flock online and to the high street to pick up a plethora of lotions, potions, oils and serums in the quest for perfect skin. It’s little surprise, then, that the global skincare market is estimated to reach $135 billion by 2021.

What’s behind our obsession? Well bright, healthy skin is closely linked to confidence levels and self-esteem, leaving us feeling great and giving the perfect base from which to make our make-up looks come to life. Under eye circles, discolouration and dark spots, meanwhile, can wreak havoc with our complexion, however, leaving us feel dull, lacklustre and unattractive.

And this is where skin lightening comes into the equation – there are stacks of treatments out there on the market to help you reach the perfectly porcelain look, while ridding the face of blemishes and dark spots, discolouration and all manner of imperfections.

What’s more, there are plenty of celebs jumping on the bandwagon too – here we chart our top five celebrity skin whitening fans.

‘Lil Kim

The feisty rapper claims that skin whitening has helped her to regain confidence and overcome body image issues that she’s experienced since childhood.


While Beyoncé has never openly said she uses skin lightening products, her skin tone shows stark differences today in comparison to her Destiny’s Child days, with paler skin and more refined features.

Janet Jackson

Following in the footsteps of her brother Michael, Janet Jackson’s skin has undergone a dramatic transformation throughout the years, likely the result of skin lightening treatments.

Diana Ross

The original diva, soul icon Diana Ross has long been considered the pioneer of celebrity skin lightening, with her skin today boasting a lighter, brighter more matte look in comparison to her heyday with The Supremes.

Sammy Sosa

Ex-Chicago Cubs baseball star Sammy Sosa is perhaps the most startling example of the power of skin lightening treatments, having achieved a completely new, lighter skin complexion that has been attributed to a lightening cream.

Achieving Porcelain Perfection

While these celebs have all successfully achieved lighter, brighter skin tones, take care – there are plenty of products out there that don’t make the grade, relying on harsh chemicals that can damage the skin and cause more serious side effects.

Our advice? There are plenty of perfectly natural ingredients proven to soothe, revitalise and gently lighten the skin, without any of the risk. We’d recommend Zetawhite, which harnesses 100% natural ingredients like papaya, lemon and liquorice extracts to give you all of the results and none of the danger.

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