Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth Review

Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth Review

 Supercharge Your Cleansing Regime

When is a wash cloth not a wash cloth? When it’s a Derm-X acne fighting washcloth, according to acne gurus Exposed skincare 6Made with microdermabrasion material, these washcloths target stubborn acne during cleansing with scientifically formulated fibres that exfoliate the skin’s dead cells and stimulate the generation of new skin cells. Used during the daily cleansing regime for the face and body, this cloth claims to be a powerful tool in the fight against pesky blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, leaving skin clear, bright and radiant.

While regular, thorough cleansing and moisturising is the cornerstone of any effective skincare regime, sometimes a little extra goes a long way – enter the Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth.

But is a wash cloth really capable of fighting off acne? Let’s find out.

Directions for Use

This one’s pretty simple – use twice daily when washing the face and body with your chosen cleanser. Move gently in a circular motion around the skin with soap and water to create a lather.

User Feedback

So can a wash cloth really transform the skin’s appearance?

It doesn’t take much searching to find the reams of positive reviews out there from people who have tried Exposed Skincare’s products. While we can’t find any detailed testimonials from people explicitly concerning the Derm-X Cloth, feedback around the skincare kits (which incorporate the cloths) are very positive indeed. People claim that these kits have seen transformative results on the appearance and condition of their skin, leaving them acne free  – for good.

acne-treatment-products-UltimateKitWhere to buy Exposed Skincare Derm-X Cloth

The face and body Derm-X Cloths and a range of other skincare solutions can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website at The face cloth costs $9.95 and the body wash $12.95.- The cloth is also an integral part of many of Exposed’s premium acne care kits..

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Exposed Skincare kits are covered by a comprehensive money-back guarantee.. as long as you use the products for 30 consecutive days, if you are unimpressed with the results, Exposed will refund your money without question….

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