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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2020)

ZetaWhite Skin Lightening Review – Does It Work? And How?

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This review tells us all about one of the best selling skin lightening products of its type – Its called ZetaWhite.

The lure of healthy, revitalised, clear and bright skin is strong for many of us, seeing us flock online and to the high street to pick up a plethora of lotions, potions, oils and serums in the quest for perfect skin.

The global skincare market is estimated to reach $135 billion by 2021.

What’s behind our obsession?

Well bright, healthy skin is closely linked to confidence levels and self-esteem, leaving us feeling great and giving the perfect base from which to make our make-up looks come to life.

Under eye circles, discolouration and dark spots, meanwhile, can wreak havoc with our complexion, however, leaving us feel dull, lacklustre and unattractive.

And this is where skin lightening comes into the equation.

There are stacks of treatments out there on the market to help you reach the perfectly porcelain look, while ridding the face of blemishes and dark spots, discolouration and all manner of imperfections.

Celebrities Who Lighten Their Skin

What’s more, there are plenty of celebs jumping on the bandwagon too – here we chart our top five celebrity skin whitening fans.

‘Lil Kim

The feisty rapper claims that skin whitening has helped her to regain confidence and overcome body image issues that she’s experienced since childhood.


While Beyoncé has never openly said she uses skin lightening products, her skin tone shows stark differences today in comparison to her Destiny’s Child days, with paler skin and more refined features.

Janet Jackson

Following in the footsteps of her brother Michael, Janet Jackson’s skin has undergone a dramatic transformation throughout the years, likely the result of skin lightening treatments.

Diana Ross

The original diva, soul icon Diana Ross has long been considered the pioneer of celebrity skin lightening, with her skin today boasting a lighter, brighter more matte look in comparison to her heyday with The Supremes.

Sammy Sosa

Ex-Chicago Cubs baseball star Sammy Sosa is perhaps the most startling example of the power of skin lightening treatments, having achieved a completely new, lighter skin complexion that has been attributed to a lightening cream.

Achieving Porcelain Perfection

While these celebs have all successfully achieved lighter, brighter skin tones, take care – there are plenty of products out there that don’t make the grade, relying on harsh chemicals that can damage the skin and cause more serious side effects.

Our advice? There are plenty of perfectly natural ingredients proven to soothe, revitalise and gently lighten the skin, without any of the risk.

We’d recommend ZetaWhite, which harnesses 100% natural ingredients like papaya, lemon and liquorice extracts to give you all of the results and none of the danger.

Lets Find Out More About Its Skin Lightening Effects:

ZetaWhite Review Australia

Now Available In Australia – ZetaWhite The Safe Way To Lighten Your Skin

zeta white review australia

Whiter, brighter skin needn’t be fraught with questionable ingredients, dodgy claims and horror stories of treatments gone awry. I

t turns out it is possible to lighten the skin gently and safely, leaving you with fresh, bright revitalised skin that makes you the centre of attention.

Launched three years ago, Zetawhite is certainly a product that’s making some serious waves.

Encompassing a face wash, moisturiser and night cream, Zetawhite’s products are packed full of proven active ingredients that work to rid the skin of dead cells, brighten the skin and naturally whiten with powerful enzymes.

Let’s look at the nitty-gritty and see if this product truly makes the grade.

Zetawhite Formula

As this range consists of a whitening face wash, moisturiser and night cream, there’s a stack of different ingredients on offer, including scientifically proven allantoin, liquorice extract, lemon and papaya extract.

You can find the full list here.

Directions For Using ZetaWhite

For the face wash, use twice a day by applying a small amount to wet skin, massaging in a circular motion and rinsing

For the moisturiser, after cleansing, massage a liberal amount into the facial skin. 

For the night cream, massage into the face and neck after cleansing, allowing the product to absorb as you sleep. 

User Feedback On ZetaWhite

As this product is relatively new to the Australian market, it’s not yet backed up by reels of third party testimonials.

The manufacturer’s website, however, is full of very positive reviews mentioning high quality and impressive results.

zeta white testimonials

Reported Side Effects

There’s good news on this front – we haven’t come across any negative or unpleasant side effects linked to this product.

Where To Buy Zetawhite In Australia

zeta white skin lightening website

We’d recommend heading directly to the manufacturer at Zetawhite.com.

Here you can buy the three-point whitening system, incorporating whitening face wash, moisturiser and night cream, for $116.07 (prices shown in USD)

You can also buy the individual items at $38.64 each, with free shipping available on all orders.

Cashback Guarantee?

There’s good news on this front – Zetawhite’s manufacturer offers a robust satisfaction guarantee on its products.

If you’re not happy with the results you achieve, contact Zetawhite’s support team and they’ll facilitate a refund, less shipping charges.

There are a few conditions attached: you must use all of your product and produce a dated before and after photograph so results can be compared.

Our Thoughts On ZetaWhite

With so many lightening products out there some making making seriously over hyped claims, its difficult choosing one that really delivers on its promises….

With Zetawhite you have something that has solid scientific evidence behind it based on clinical trials.

Quite frankly its one of those rare lightening products that is both safe and effective – it works, and works really well!! we have no hesitation in recommending it to our readers..

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