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Under Eye Bags – Help I Need a Solution !!

 FaceLift Gym Reviewed

I am 54 years old and if I say so myself, I do try to keep fit and of course, keep ageing at bay as best I can.  Easier said than done I hear you say, but the most annoying problem I have is my eyes…

 ‘Waking up to heavy bags, lines and dark circles really brings me down.’

Puffy eyes affect all ages but once you reach your 50’s they do become more noticeable.  I 2013-06-07 08.27.27have tried creams, serums and even supplements.  They do help to a degree but if I’m honest probably more wishful thinking than anything.  So with my bank balance a little lighter and my bags a little heavier do I just grow old gracefully? No way so what do I do?


Well Surgery is a way to go.  A pretty quick and simple procedure to remove the fatty deposits and lines under my eyes.  I gave it a lot of thought but still it is surgery and I didn’t really want to go down that route.  So I decided to get some research under my belt.

Living in a hot climate definitely ages the skin.  No matter how much factor 60 I use I can still see age catching up with me.  I have friends who live in colder climates complaining their skin is suffering with cold dry patches, heavy bags.  I Can’t win.

So why do we get these unsightly bags and puffiness around our eyes?

I researched a bit and found that we have over 70 muscles in our faces ( I didn’t know that) and they get virtually no exercise.  Just think we soon get to work on our tums, bums and thighs if they start to sag.

2013-07-29-10.29.06-224x300So back to the facts – did you know that when the blood flow around our eyes reduces facial muscles lose tone and we end up with those nasty dark circles ?? and just for good measure lines and fatty deposits start to develop and we soon have those bags.

Facial Exercises

I found some rather amusing facial exercises to try but to be honest nothing really that would help under the eyes.

Anyway now to product research…..

Creams and serums are still the main solution out there so no change there then, but wait…., I then came across a very new product which did spike my curiosity.

It’s called Facelift Gym and basically it works by giving the muscles under your eyes a little workout.  Sounded intriguing.

I read on and this is how it works.

It’s like that well known product Slendertone – but for the face, sending little micro vibrations through the skin around the eyes.  The muscles then expand and contract and this is supposed to increase blood flow to the area.  Fatty deposits are meant to deplete and the tone and tension in the skin improves.

No greasy expensive creams and serums (don’t know about you but I find it confusingimages which cream to put on first and when).  Sounded just what I was looking for.  No mess, not pricey and worth a try (tried everything else).

Click Here To Visit Official Face Lift Gym Website

 Result –  yes definitely a Result !!

I went on to the website and bought my pack ( pictured above)  This was so easy to do..

Now to unwrap and work out how to use it.

There are instructions in the pack but I found a video on the official website and it was really helpful and showed exactly how to use Facelift Gym for the best results.

I Have Posted The Video Below For You To Check Out:

There are two (obviously for each eye) devices in each pack along with several sets of adhesive eye pads. You then turn on the devices and stick under your eyes.

Right I thought here we go! I like the fact that you get three different settings for the vibration. I found them comfortable and all I felt was a slight tingling sensation, definitely not unpleasant.  The makers recommended using them for 10 minutes, 3 times a week so I started my quest for bag free eyes.

The first week I didn’t notice much improvement. The second week I found the skin under my eyes slightly tighter but by the third week I could see a definite improvement.  Bags had become handbags instead of suitcases.

I have to admit I didn’t think they would really work. I’m usually so cynical when it comes to trying so called ‘miracle products’. I thought another waste of my hard earned cash.

testimonial-1Well I have been using Facelift Gym for 6 weeks now and I am so pleased with the results.

It doesn’t work overnight and it does not completely remove all the signs of ageing round the eyes (what does) but It really does improve the skin and reduces eye bags  and I would recommend you try them.

Facelift Gym is for both men and women – equality I like that, and they are comfortable and easy to us.

You get a two week (14 day) money back guarantee (I liked that too) and unlike many manufacturers that also includes the shipping charge.

By the way the makers ship worldwide.  I received my Facelift Gym very quickly.

Why not go on to the official website and start giving your under eye muscles the workout they deserve!!.

Click Here To Visit Official Face Lift Gym Website

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