Is It Better To Take Collagen Liquid Rather than A Pill?

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)

Why You Should Really Take Collagen In Liquid Form

liquid collagen supplement

Giving your collagen levels a boost can really make huge difference to your life, health and how you feel about yourself.

It can ease stiff or painful joints, it can improve the texture and appearance of your hair, strengthen bones, teeth and nails. It will also help reduce those annoying fine lines and wrinkles by plumping your skin and providing much needed natural hydration.

Its already common knowledge that your diet plays a huge part in effective collagen production. But aside from the foods that you eat.

You can also improve your collagen levels by taking a supplement.

This article looks at the difference between collagen supplements in liquid forms and those that are pill based.

What Is the Best Way To Take Collagen – Pill Or Liquid?

Collagen supplements come in numerous forms, you can take pills, apply creams and lotions and also take a collagen infused liquid, some that you drink as it is, or some that you add to your morning coffee or favourite smoothie.

Lets Look At The Facts

The body does not have to beak down liquid supplements in the same way that it has to deal with a pill. This means that more of the key nutrients are directly absorbed into the system.

Capsules and pills need to be processed in the digestive tract in order for them to be broken down into liquid in the stomach.

Because of this process, pills can take up to 30 minutes to be broken down before the body can even start to process and use the nutrients. 

Liquids on the other hand are ready to be used by the body in as little as 4 minutes.

Scientific research has shown that around 98% of al the nutrients contained in a liquid actually get to the cells here they can do their work. 

This compares really favourably to pills who lose up to 60% of all nutrients during the absorption process, with only around 40% actually getting to work in the body, the rest being passed out in our waste.

For any nutrient to work it needs to be suspended in a liquid in order for it to actually get into our cells.

By taking Collagen in liquid form, virtually all the nutrients in the supplement get into the cells where needed, making for drastically improved results.

Why Should I Take Liquids In Place Of Pills Based Supplements?

Science has determined that liquid extracts have a greater bioavailability, they are processed and broken down far more easily, getting into the cells where they are required much easier.

Remember too, that a lot of people really do not like taking, or simply cannot take pills, so taking Collagen (or any supplement for that matter) in a liquid form is far easier and convenient for them.

It has been shown in tests and trials that most of the nutrients taken in liquid form are often absorbed between 30 seconds of being swallowed.

This is a massive improvement on pills where often only 20% of the active ingredients actually get to the point of being absorbed, with 80% being lost in the process.

The National Advisory board have studied this and have demonstrated as an example that in a regular 100mg tablet, only around 8.3mg of the ingredients actually get through to the cells and blood stream.

Naturally pills and capsules can  be very convenient, but think about this, if you are unwell and present your self at the emergency room and need medication, what do the doctors generally do? 

They put a line in and give you medication in liquid form. Why?? Because it works quicker and is generally more efficient.

Liquid based collagen supplements also tend to contain large amounts of natural antioxidants that help to prevent cellular damage caused by every day toxins found in the environment.

As a direct result, Collagen infused supplements in liquid form have been recognised as an effective way to not just reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but also help to strengthen bones, teeth and improve the flexibility of joints.

Benefits Of Taking A Liquid Collagen Extract

The #1 benefit of taking collagen in liquid form is the fact that most of the nutrients will actually get to work in the body instead of being lost in the processing. 

This is because the nutrients do not need to be separated from other components found in any capsule.

Taking collagen (or any supplement) in pill form means that the digestive system has to break it down and turn it into a solution before it can be passed to and absorbed by the cells.

This can mean that up to 80% of the nutrients can get lost on the way.

Studies on collagen supplements have shown that a single serving of collagen liquid can be up to 20 times more effective than the same amount delivered in pill form.

The reason why collagen supplements in liquid form are more effective is because they contain hydrolysed collagen – aka Collagen peptides 

These are a hydrolysed form of collagen that is readily absorbed by the body.

Hydrolysed Collagen

Collagen makes up 75% of our total skins dry weight and 33% of our bodies total protein. It provides strength to our hair, teeth, bones and is responsible for the plumpness and hydration of our skin.

The collagen contains in supplements is slightly different to the type found in our body. these have to be processed and broken down in the body to make them available to the cells.

The process of preparing collagen is called hydrolysis, its a chemical process that effectively breaks collagen down into its key components, namely amino acids (or peptides).

Look at any collagen supplement, make sure that it says that it contain either hydrolysed collagen or collagen peptides on the ingredient label. 

This ensures that the collagen contained in the supplement has been made ready to be easily absorbed and will get to work much faster, providing you with the optimum results.


Of all the Collagen liquids available, one product comes highly recommended –

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Your nails will become less brittle and grow longer.

It will also help to relieve stiff aching joints, improve your hair texture and strength and can also improve bone health.





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