The Benefits Of Taking Collagen

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2020)

Why Should I Boost My Collagen?

Collagen creams

Collagen is an essential part of our body, responsible for not just our skins youthful look and feel, it provides strength to our bones and makes sure that our joints and tendons work smoothly and efficiently.

Boosting Collagen by using specialist skin creams, taking supplements and drinks has grown in popularity in recent years.

These supplements use collagen that has been Hydrolised, which basically means that it has been broken down into smaller molecules that are easier to be absorbed by the body.

You can also post your collagen levels by adding certain foodstuffs to your diet, this includes foods high in vitamin C, amino acids and bone broth. 

Boosting your collagen will provide a number of benefits, it can ease stiff, achy joints and help to improve your skins health and appearance.

Here Are 5 Benefits That Can be Enjoyed By Boosting Your Collagen Production

Improve Your Skins Appearance and Health

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Collagen is essential to us, promoting a healthy, strong skin that is fully hydrated and elastic. Increasing its levels will help slow the ageing process, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

It’s common to find that as we age, our skin becomes drier, less elastic and begins to get lined and wrinkled, improving our collagen production has long been know of a way of reducing the effects.

Its effects are backed up by science too, many studies have highlighted the benefits of taking collagen to improve skins texture and appearance. 

One key study looked at a group of women who took up to 5 grams of collagen per day for 8 weeks. After the test period, their skin was examined and it was discovered that they all experienced improved hydration, and reduced wrinkles.

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Another study followed a group women who took a collagen drink daily for 12 weeks. The results were safely positive with most women enjoying improved elasticity, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

The benefits of proving Collagen has been shown to help increase the bodies natural production of collagen, boosting levels of other key proteins such as Elastin and Fibrillar. Increased collagen production has also been linked to reduced acne and other skin conditions.

Eases Joint Pain

collagen joint pain

Collagen plays a crucial part in our joints where it supports and maintains the cartilage in the joints, this is the shock absorbing part of our joints that protect the joints from everyday knocks and jolts, keeping them operating smoothly and pain free.

This means that boosting Collagen can have a positive effect on conditions such as Arthritis, reducing joint pain and boosting ease of movement

Studies have shown that boosting collagen with a supplement can help improve cartilage production, and reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis and other joint problems.

Recommended doses of collagen for joint pain range between 8-12 grams per day.

Collagen Could Reduce Bone Loss

collagen bone strength

Collagen is a major component of our bones, it provides them with the strength and structure required for optimum bone health.

As we start to get older, our collagen can naturally deplete, causing the increase of age related bone issues such as osteoporosis.

here have been a number of key studies that looked not the effects of collagen supplementation on our bone health, one such study followed a group of women who took mix of calcium and 5 grams of collagen daily. another group at the same time took just calcium as a comparison.

After the trial period the group who took both has lower levels of a particular protein that causes bone breakdown, when compared with the group who just took calcium.

A similar study with women test subjects saw a 7% increase in bone density after taking collagen supplements.

Improves Heart Health

collagen heart health

A lesser known benefit of taking collagen is its effects on our cardiac health. It strengthens our arteries and improve arterial structure. This helps to improve blood flow in and out of our heart

With age, our collagen reduces which can mean that our arteries become weaker, which can lead to reduced blood flow which can cause a disease known as Athersclerosis. This can lead to possible strokes and possible heart attacks.

Studies have also show that taking collagen can help boost good cholesterol (HDL) by up to 6%.

It has been shown that 16 grams of collagen taken daily for 6 months can give a positive improvement in arterial stiffness.

Other Benefits Of Taking Collagen

There are other reported benefits of taking collagen, some are not yet proven by clinical studies, but the evidence looks promising..

Boosts Brain Health – There are claims that daily collagen supplements can boost brain health, reduce stress and improve moods

Digestion – There are many health experts who prescribe collagen to help ease digestion – this requires more clinical research but it defiantly looks promising. There are doctors who believe that it can help treat some stomach disorders, one being leaky gut syndrome

Boosts Hair And Nail Health – Collagen supplements can help improve nail strength, and stimulate growth. t is thought to have the same effect on our hair.

Assists With Weight Loss – It is thought, but unproven that collagen can help to boost metabolism and as direct result increase the natural fat burning processes in the body which leads to effective weight loss.

Can Taking Collagen Cause Me Any Harm?

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Aside from a bad taste in the mouth being experienced with a few users, there are no adverse reactions being reported by any users of collagen supplements.

Just one area to make you aware of, some collagen supplements are made with eggs, fish and shell fish, so if you have any food allergies to these compounds, the exercise care when taking collagen supplements

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