YouTonics Replenish Skin Collagen Review

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2020)

Boost Your Collagen And Reduce Those Fine Lines And Wrinkles With This Amazing Liquid Collagen Supplement

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Youtonics collagen renewal skin supplement can boost your joint health, strengthen bones, hair, teeth and of course reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Youtonics skin Liquid collagen is an all natural supplement scientifically developed to help reduce the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from that it also helps to reduce the problem of stiff achy joints and can also strengthen your hair, bones and believe it or not, your teeth.

With many supplements being available in pill form, the makers ( Bauer Nutrition) have really researched their subject and instead of using pills have formulated a powerful source of effective collagen in a liquid form.

“Why – You might ask?”

It has been proven time and time again that supplements in pill form tend to lose a large amount of their effectiveness as they are broken down and processed in the digestive system. 

It has been determined that this loss can be up to a staggering 80% of the effective nutrients contained in the supplement.

Liquid based collagen supplements do not have to be broken down in the same way, in fact the loss is so minimal that around 97% of the key ingredients actually get through to the system and are available to be absorbed into the cells where they can work their magic.

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Benefits Of Youtonics Replenish Skin Collagen

  • Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  • Improves Nails, Teeth and Hair
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Hydrates and Plumps Skin
  • Reduces Premature Skin Ageing
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Whats In YouTonics Replenish Skin Collagen

The formula is simple yet really effective, each 30ml serving contains the following:

  • Protein Collagen – 10000mg
  • Tri-optimised skin blend 30ml **  


VItamin E, A, and Collagen hydrolysate. It also contains flavourings ( mango and passion fruit)

youtonics collagen renewal ingredients
Here is a list of the ingrdedients

How To Take YouTonics Replenish Skin Collagen

The daily serving is 30ml, this can be taken orally directly, or can be mixed with your favourite drink.

The bottle contains 270ml, so each bottle contains sufficient for 9 days supply.

What Do Users The Experts Say?

Users from across Australia agree, they all found that a daily dose of this product really helped improve their skins look and feel, as well as enhanced nails and hair. 

In addition, many older users reported some noticeable improvements in stiff joints, and mobility.


Is liquid collagen better than pills?

Yes, scientists have proven beyond any doubt that pill based supplements generally lose up to 87% of their effectiveness while being broken down in the digestive system.
Liquid supplements on the other hand, only lose around 3-4% which means that up to 96% of all active ingredients get to the bodies cells where they can get to work.

Can men take liquid collagen?

Absolutely, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you will all benefit from improved join flexibility, stronger bones, and improved hair growth, stronger teeth and younger looking skin.

Does Youtonics Replenish Skin Collagen contain any animal products?

No, the formula is 100% plant based and can be safely taken by vegetarians and vegans

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

Although unlikely, should you be unhappy with the results, you can return the empty bottles for a full refund within 60 days of delivery

Who are Bauer Nutrition?

Bauer Nutrition are a global multi product supplement manufacturer, responsible for some of the best known health supplements in the world. All products are made in FDA approved facilities and exceed all industry standards and regulations.

Where Can I Buy Youtonics Replenish Skin Collagen In Australia?

Head on over to the official Bauer Nutrition Website, here you will find their exclusive range of premium health and lifestyle supplements.

A bottle of youtonics skin replenish skin collagen containing 270ml will cost you AU$ 77.40 – the makers ship for FREE and also offer all buyers a 60 day cash back guarantee on all orders

Our Thoughts On Youtonics Replenish Skin Collagen

youtonics collagen instructions
Directions for use as shown on the ingredient label

It has been scientifically proven beyond any doubt that taking collagen in liquid form daily can be as much as 80% more effective that taking pills. 

Bauer Nutrition have a well earned global reputation for providing top quality supplements and other lifestyle products, and we truly believe that this product is the best of its type anywhere.

The lengthy cash back guarantee, adds to the appeal and showcases the manufacturers belief in their products and their unwavering desire for complete customer satisfaction.

You Can Buy Youtonics Replenish Skin Collagen directly from Bauer Nutrition – 

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