What Causes Back Acne?

What Causes Back Acne?

According to Acne.org, studies have shown that people with face acne often suffer from a form of body acne too – usually on their back or chest. But what causes back acne (or bacne)? Here are the top five offenders.

1) Sweat – When we sweat, it mixes with oil and toxins on the skin’s surface. Combine this with the fact that pores are open due to a rise in body temperature, and it’s a recipe for clogging, and this causes back acne.

2) Clothing – Tight fitted, spandex clothing against your skin means that it doesn’t have room to breathe, which is irritating and results in irritated, clogged pores. When you couple this with sweat from a strenuous workout, it can be a very problematic environment for your skin! This also goes for bra straps, and in fact any item of clothing that comes into close/permanent contact with your skin.

3) This brings us onto our third culprit – Acne Mechanica. It’s a form of acne that isn’t widely spoken about, but it’s predominantly caused by irritation on the skin, when something rubs on its surface, such as a backpack, or a bra strap as we’ve mentioned. As bacteria thrive in environments with moisture, a backpack, with a tight bra strap and an equally tight top is a field day for bacne to roam.

4) Bed sheets – Your bed sheets absorb the oils and dirt from your skin, and this builds up over time if it’s not washed regularly, leading to bacteria, which is transferred back from the bed sheets to your skin, causing back acne.

5) Hair products – yep! When you’re washing your hair in the shower, the ingredients in your shampoo can run down your back, contributing to clogged pores. Also, your hair spray, leave in conditioner or hair oil also transfers oils and dirt to your skin, particularly when it’s down – so keep your hair (and bacne) off your back!

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