What Causes Scarring

Causes Of Scarring

Most of us have a scar or two, maybe from a childhood injury, illness or condition like acne.

It doesn’t matter how large or small they are, if they are visible they can make us quite self Scar_(xndr)conscious.

What Actually Are Scars

Scars are made up of fibrous tissue that form as a replacement for our normal skin as part of the natural healing process after injury or certain illnesses (chicken pox for example) They can sometimes be small and unnoticeable, or in some cases after serious injury or maybe surgery, they can be quite pronounced and highly visible.

Scar tissue does not have regular components of usual skin such as hair follicles, melanin, sweat glands, it also lacks the elasticity of regular skin.

Instead scar tissue has that distinctive shiny appearance that is so noticeable.

One common form of natural scarring are Stretch Marks

Common Scarring Causes

Common causes of scarring include

  • Surgery
  • Injury
  • Acne
  • Disease
  • Fast Weight Gain
  • Pregnancy

Reducing The Appearance Of Scarring

Reducing the visible appearance of scarring has developed in recent years, there are now some highly effective creams and lotions that can help reduce the appearance of scarring – sometimes completely.

More About Scar Reducing Creams


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