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Surgical Eye Lid Lift

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One of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures is a Blepharoplasty – a cosmetic eye lid lift.

Performed on the upper eyelids to remove that heavy lidded look that makes us look older, and tired.

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A blepharoplasty can help rejuvenate that look of the eyes, and is used for medical reasons when excess fat around the eyes interferes with the vision.

These procedures are great at making the eyes appear wider, open and more youthful, but they cannot correct other ageing problems such as crows feet or dark circles under the eyes.

A Classic Sign Of Ageing

With age, the skin around our eyelids gets thinner and less flexible, this causes that unmistakeable sag downwards that causes that heavy lidded look, the fat layers around the eyes also relaxes producing that puffy eye look that is so ageing.

A surgical blepharoplasty is usually performed under a general anaesthetic, the majority of procedures are carried out quickly and usually no overnight stay in hospital is required.

Cost wise they usually cost several thousand dollars

A simple procedure, a small incision is made that follows the natural fold over the eyelid, any excess fat is removed and then the incision is closed with small dissolvable sutures.

The procedure is normally fast healing, but as with any surgical procedures, patients need to be aware of some possible side effects post surgery.

These can include

  • Swelling Or Bruising
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Scarring
  • Stiff Or Dry Eyes
  • Affected Vision

Non Surgical Alternatives To Blepharoplasty

fitting eye secret upper eyelid lift strips

The expense and potential risk of these types of surgery have led the way for the development of alternative, non surgical alternatives to risky procedures.

There is now an effective, instantly working alternative that will reduce that heavy lidded look without pain or risk.

Beauty Specialists Eye Secrets have developed an easy to use product that lifts and holds sagging heavy eye lids without surgery.

Launched last year in an absolute wave of media publicity, the product – called Eye Secrets Upper Lid Lift was featured in numerous newspapers, TV shows and other media publications.

What Are Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Lift Strips

These are unique adhesive strips that are fixed to the upper eyelid. 100% transluscent and totally invisible, they work by holding the heavy eyelids up in their correct position, making the eyes look younger and more alert instantly..

Hollywood A lister’s including Demi Moore, Diane Laine and Jennifer Aniston are all 4181ZbfMNjL._SY300_reported to be fans, using the strips to keep them looking young and alert during long days on set filming.

Each pair of strips last for 12 hours and can be worn with your favourite eye cosmetics.

The strips are really well priced at AUD $64.49 for 4 weeks supply – a mere fraction of surgical treatments.

More About Eye Secrets Upper Eye Lid Lift Strips

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