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Causes Of Adult Acne

Suffering From Adult Acne? : Clearpores Can Help

clear pores treatment for adult acne

[Updated 2024] As many adults have experienced, the onset of acne is not just reserved for the young, many of us, even in later years experience breakouts of spots, rashes and skin irritation.

Some of us experience acne for the first time into our 40’s.

It is estimated that around 40% of women and somewhere around 20% of men experience acne breakouts to a varying degree.

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Why Do Women Suffer More From Adult Acne

This is generally because of the fact that they use cosmetics which could potentially clog or block pores causing the bacteria that causes Acne to thrive and grow.

Other Causes Of Adult Acne

Alongside cosmetics, hormones play a major part in the onset of acne, certain hormones can affect the production of sebum (the skins natural oil) excess levels clog and block pores causing the pores to become infected causing the redness and spots that are classic signs of acne.

Acne can also be caused or aggravated by the environment and lifestyle, in particular smoking.

Everyday pollution can block the pores, I the workplace, dirt and dust and even chemicals that we get exposed too during our work can initiate breakouts.

Smoking can lead to acne breakouts, the pollutants in the smoke can affect the skin, irritating and blocking the pores.

How To Treat Adult Acne


Severe cases are often treated by doctors using antibiotics that help to clear the acne causing bacteria.

The general rule is to try and minimise the effect of any pollutants by cleansing your skin daily using gentle natural based cleansers, avoid purely chemical based products that can be harsh and drying on the skin.

The older skin tends to be more sensitive than someone in their teenage years, so treat it with respect, be gentle, using natural, oil free lotions along with good quality sunscreens that will protect your skin without causing any clogging.

Products that contain Salicylic and Azelaic acids along with Aloe vera and liquorice are excellent at killing bacteria, and gently cleanse acne prone skin.

Acne does not have to be a constant thorn in your side, there are some quite excellent products that are suitable for not just the older skin, but all skin types of all ages.

Try and use a product that uses all, if not some natural products that are gentle yet highly effective at reducing even the most severe cases of acne.

One Of The Best Out There Is The Acne Care System made by Clearpores

Clearpores Review : The Ultimate Acne Treatment System

Having clean healthy skin denotes much more than cleanliness and the fact that you care for yourself on the outside. It also shows that your body is also healthy on the inside.

clear pores reviews australia

Acne is often attributed to dirt and bacteria in the skins pores, and to a point, these are factors to consider, but the real source of acne lies within. 

Stress, bad diets, hormonal imbalances some medications and even a poor digestion system can all reflect in the appearance of your skin.

To tackle this problem, you need to address the root cause of the acne. Now of course that starts with cleansing your skin properly, but we do also have to ensure that we treat any inner problems too.

This is the only way to get truly clear, beautiful skin.

Clearpores is an innovative 3 step acne treatment that uses a more holistic approach to how it works. It provides effective cleaning and toning to the skin outside, but also helps to rebalance the internal factors that can contribute to those hated acne breakouts.

The manufacturers behind Clearpores (Leading Edge Health) are really confident about just how good and effective their product is, but what the truth here? Does Cleapores really deliver clearer acne free skin?

Lets Find Out….

The Clearpores Acne Treatment System

Clearpores is a proven 3 stage acne treatment and recovery system.  It comprises 3 separate products that work together to deliver spot free results.

The Clearpores daily supplement is an innovative daily capsule that delivers essential nutrients that re-balance hormonal issues, and calms stress, digestive and liver problems.

clearpores supplement

The Clearpores deep facial wash is an effective, deep cleaning agent that clears dirt, bacteria and other toxins that can clog the pores, along for the skin to breathe, repair and rejuvenate.

clearpores wash

The final part of the system is the Clearpores Protection Cream that does exactly what is says on the tube – it protects and nurtures the skin, blocking the detrimental effects of everyday toxins and dirt that can effect the skin.

clear pores protection cream

Lets look at the supplement in more depth:

Daily Supplement

A herbal based daily supplement that is formulated to fight the causes of acne form the inside out. Acne can be the result of internal stress, hormonal imbalances, and liver dysfunctions. It helps to restore hormonal balance, flushing out toxins, and reduce the effects of stress on our body.

Its formula is as follows:

  • Dandelion root
  • Burdock Root
  • Aloe Vera
  • Yellow Dock
  • Red Clover
  • Echinacea Purpurea
  • Sarsparilla Root
  • Licorice root
  • Atlantic Kelp
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Hydrogenated cotton seed oil

Looking at some of the key ingredients:

Dandelion root – is a recognise herbal diuretic, it can help reduce inflammation and calm gastric problems.

Burdock Root – Is a proven blood purifier, it is also an effective antioxidant, that clears toxins from the body.

Aloe Vera – One of the most well know ingredients in the world. Known for its digestive and detoxing benefits

Yellow Dock Root – Another effective blood purifier which also detoxes the liver, working alongside the dandelion and burdock to cleanse the blood and as a direct result, the skin from within.

Echinacea – Stimulates the bodies immune system, helping the body to tackle bacteria, reducing breakouts

Red Clover – Packed with natural plant based isoflavones that mimic the effects of estrogen. This help to reduce the release of sebum and other oils that are partially the cause of blocked pores.

Sarsparilla Root   Popular in traditional medicine for its ability to help calm and detoxify the skin.

Licorice – has anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and hormone inhibiting properties. This helps reduce androgen hormones that can be attributed to excess sebum production.

Turmeric – known for its powerful anti inflammatory effects, reducing redness and irritation.

Atlantic Kelp – high in essential minerals that boost skin metabolism and aids healing.

Cayenne – Stimulates blood flow and clears clogged pores.

Cotton Seed Oil – helps to increase absorption  of the other key ingredients.

My Results (based on 4 weeks use)

I tried Clearpores system for 4 weeks as part of my review process, I took 2 capsules per day, and used the facial wash twice a day (morning and evening). I also applied the protection cream straight after cleaning again morning and night.

Overall, I didn’t experience any drying out of the skin, redness or irritation that I have had with other products, which is a great start.

It took about 10 days to see any effects at all, and initially the redness seemed to get worse, before starting to fade and after 28 days I am glad to say had cleared completely.

Clearpores do state that in many cases it can take up to 3 months to completely be clear of acne, but this will vary according to severity of your problem.

I did think that the protection cream was a little on the thick side, and it did take a while to absorb.

That said if the results are as good for you as I experienced, thats not going to bother too many people I wouldn’t have thought.

My overall complexion is much clearer, and I have to attribute that largely to the herbal supplement, its obviously cleared out many of the toxins etc that contributed to my acne.

Where To Buy Clearpores In Australia

buy clear pores in australia

The Clearpores system is available throughout Australia directly from the official website.(click here)

You can choose from various packages:

  • The Facial System (which is the one i trialled) for AUD $ 91.67
  • The Body System AUD$ 95.91
  • The Compete Clearpores System  AUD$ 139.66
  • The Herbal Supplement On Its Own AUD $71.91 ( months supply)

Results Or Your Money Back

The makers do provide a lengthy cash back guarantee with all orders. 

You have 90 days to try and use the Clearpores system as directed, if after that period, you are unhappy with the results, you can return the empty packages for a full, no quibble refund.

My Final Thoughts On Clearpores

I wasn’t too sure about taking a daily supplement to treat my acne – especially at first, I am not the greatest fan of taking pills anyway.

But I am glad I did, its so clear to me now that acne does indeed start from within and after using the system for a month and seeing some great results, I am completely sold.

Its 100% natural anyway, does not cause any adverse side effects, and whatsmore, as far as I am concerned anyway, it WORKS!

Bottom Line – My acne wasn’t as bad as some I have to say that right now, but based on my experiences and findings, I can completely recommend the Clearpores acne care systems. 

Its a well thought out, and extremely balanced product that should help anybody reduce, and in most cases completely clear their acne breakouts.

You Can Read More About Clearpores and Place Your Order At The Official Website

The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.