Exposed Skincare Microderm Scrub

Exposed Skincare Microderm Scrub Review

Just Why YOU Should be Using Exposed Skincare’s Latest Microderm Scrub

It’s well documented that trapped dirt and skin cells can lead to the development of the bacteria that causes acne… Skincare specialist Exposed Skincare have added an exciting new product to their range that works alongside their reputable acne treatment system to 31Guaewk+wL._SY355_reduce the build up of this bacteria causing debris.

Called Microderm Scrub, it is rather similar to your usual or favourite exfoliating product – in the way that its used….,

‘A Facial In A Tube’

The difference is in its ingredients… the formula in Microderm Scrub contains purely natural., proven skin cleansing and calming ingredients that work to quickly, yet gently to clear the skin, cleansing the pores, helping to reduce redness and reduce the appearance of acne breakouts.

The formula is built around a purely natural ingredient profile that includes:

Success_Stories__Exposed_Acne_Treatment_-_Natural_and_Scientific_Acne_Products_by_Exposed_Skin_CareGreen Tea Extract – heals and protects the skin

Passion Flower Extract – Reduces Inflammation

Corondum Crystals – Removes Dead skin cells and unblocks pores

User Reviews

Users all report good things from this product , it leaves their skin feeling fresh,clear and glowing..

Where To Buy Microderm Scrub

Micorderm scrub can be purchased directly from the exposed skincare official website..

a tube containing a months supply costs $30.99

 Click Here To Go To Exposed Skincare official website

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